Sunday Morning Service

Want to worship with us?

We are excited to worship with you.
Service starts at 10:30am and ends at 11:30am.

How do I get to New City?

New City meets in an awesome creative space called The Lodge. It is located on

We are in 2 converted warehouses in the back of the complex. It can be hard to find us, but it’s worth it. The map below will help you get straight to our door.

Tuesday Night Small Groups

Want to be part of a community?

Join one of our three small groups. You were created for community not isolation. This life of faith God has called you to is best experienced with others. Come to one of our small groups where you can grow into the life and freedom God has for you with the community God has provided for you, the church.

Where are the small groups located?

Every Tuesday night, you have three small group locations to choose from, Winter Garden, Dr. Phillips, and Winter Park. If you want to know more exact locations, let us know.

Want to know more about our small groups?

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Do you want your kids to have Christian friends?

Then have your kids join our Youth Group on Wednesday night 6:30pm-8pm. They will play weird games, learn what it means to be a person of faith, and create friendships with other Christian kids.

Thursday Morning Prayer

Want to experience the power of prayer?

Then join us on Thursday mornings from 10:30am-noon for a special prayer service led by the Pastors Adam and Matt. It is set up specifically for you to experience the presence and power of God.

Want to know more about prayer?