Prayer of Confession (ransomed heart)

Lord Jesus, forgive me. I confess I have been offering myself over to sin, and now I am its slave. I renounce it; I renounce my sins name specific sin. I renounce every way I have given myself over to sin. I dedicate and consecrate my life and specific area to the rule of Jesus Christ, to be his and his alone. May your atoning blood cover my sins and cleanse me. May your holiness possess me totally and completely.

Lord, forgive me for giving place in my heart to resentment, to lust, to anger, to despair, to greed, and to pride. Forgive me for giving place in my life to resignation and self-reproach and shame, to fear and doubt and control. I renounce it now. Come, Jesus Christ, and take your rightful place in my heart and in my life here. Come and set me free here, in these very places. I plead your blood over these sins, and I break every hold I have given my enemy here, in the name of Jesus Christ.